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Pink Saber Kimono

Pink Saber Kimono

Pink Saber Kimono

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Sable short beach robe made with white French floral lace appliqué on sleeves, hems and opening. Exclusive design that will allow you to feel and look elegant for every occasion.

Use it with your lingerie , in conjunction with your swimsuit or for a casual outing in combination with jeans.

Elegantly understated, this swimsuit is a staple of our RESORT collection. Made of Lycra and mesh, it's breathable and light against the skin, offering a cool, comfortable fit with a deep V-neckline. Medium coverage in the back.

USE - This swimsuit set can be used for a casual outing as a bodysuit in combination with jeans.

MATERIALS - Each piece has a mixture of materials imported from France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and its design and production is made in Mexico.

STEP 1 Take your clothes and place them individually in a bowl of room temperature water.

STEP 2 Add a little soap or colorless detergent to the container with water.

STEP 3 Gently soak the clothes by squeezing them and washing gently.

STEP 4 Shake the clothes without squeezing them.

STEP 5 Finally, hang the garment on a hook in the shade.

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